How to Install the Front Door

The front door of a house is arguably its most visible part. People look it when they visit the home and even for passersby, the eyes tend to gravitate towards it. Besides being the face of the house, it is also the first line of defense when a house is attacked by criminals. This security function means that the door should be able to withstand shocks. It should also be installed in a manner allowing surveillance cameras to monitor it.This way home owners would be properly informed about visitors before granting access. The following is how a front door should be installed.

Measure the opening

The first step is determining the size of the door needed. This information is acquired by measuring the dimensions of the door. These include the length, depth and width. Once the measurements have been acquired, they may then be used when buying a door. If the measurements of the opening vis a vis the door are got wrong, the entire job is unattractive in the end. The most convenient doors to install currently are pre-hung. Pre-hung doors are ideal for standard doors, if the door is of different dimensions, it has to be custom made.

Put the door in position

Once a suitably sized door is acquired, it should then be physically positioned at the opening. This helps the installer to see whether the door actually fits. It is also at this point that the door is positioned to be plumb before it can be secured. There has to be a gap between the frame and the wall. This gap ensures that the door can be positioned and repositioned to ensure that the door is positioned just right. The gap, however, should not be bigger than the door casing.

Install hinges

Having positioned the door appropriately, the next step is secure it. This is done by installing the hinges. It may be necessary to use shims to position the hinges. Once all the hinges have been positioned at the same level, they may be screwed in place. A lock should also be installed at this point.

Install a drip edge

The front door is an exterior door. It may be positioned in such a way that dripping water may find its way to the door. This would not be good for the doors durability. In such a case, a drip edge should be installed to keep the door free from water.


The characteristics of the front door installed include that it should be made of strong material. It should also be beautiful enough to attract people to a house especially when it is on sale. Many front doors are located inside verandas. This is an ideal place to locate a security camera without it being too obvious. A camera at the front door is always a resource. If not for security from criminals, it enables people in the house to know the visitor and prepare their approach accordingly.